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More than 32 years our establishment is running with blessings of all god and good hearted customers, Agasthiyar maha rishi came to south tamilnadi to shape earth surface to be equal He doesn’t know Tamil very well, So he started to penance in heart to Shiva for nadi astrology with the help of lord murugan to learn Tamil language from Tamil god after a long while he wrote the predictions with help of Siva maharishi who wrote mahasiva nadi Later one interesting story is there that you can ask to Nadi astrologer K. Kishore Kumar regards history of papanasam agasthiyar temple.

I’m K. Kishore Kumar I’m the fifth generation in our nadi family.


Detailed List Having the particulars of Cantos About Life

To know the general aspect of your complete life through the leaf-lets of the famous aiddas you can approach us with your thump impression. (Gents: Right Thumb / Ladies: Left thumb)

It will explain the general features of your life in detail.


It will explain about your financial position, family status, eye sight, effect of your word power, education etc.


Will show the number of brothers and the advantages and disadvantages from their side.


will reveal the condition of mother, household environments. the comforts in life, vehicles owned by you, income from lands, well if any etc.,


It will explain the number of children born to you, number that would survive, the advantages from Children and the reason for not having children etc.,.


It will give the picture of enemies, diseases, loans that will annoy you along with the means to overcome these above troubles.


will show the period of marriage, the details of the spouse, the details of married life, the reason for late marriage.


will explain about your longevity, the life hurts and accidents you have to involve in.


will explain about the condition of father, the wealth you may acquire the luck and divine grace you may attain, the intellectual maturity you may attain, the pilgrimage you may involve etc.,


it will explain the profession or the industry you may earn from, the suitable profession that will bring more profit etc., Transfer / Promotion, partnership / sole proprietorship and its beneficiaries

10th CANTO

It will explain how you acquire profit, the possibility of second marriage, details of spouse & details of big vehicles etc.,

11th CANTO

It will explain the means of expenditure you will experience, the details of next birth, chances to go abroad, political status, the changes of getting heavenly lite etc.,

12th CANTO

Special Cantos

It will explain about the life in past birth, the effect of the sin done in the past birth, the troubles due to those sins in the present day of life and the means to overcome those troubles. Which temples have you to go, what are the poojas & archanas to be done & what are dana's (donations) to be offered etc.,

Santhi Canto

It will explain about the manthras that will bring peace and properity to your personal and family aspects and also will subdue the enemies etc.,

Teetcha Canto

It will explain the medicine that will cure the chronic disease you have inherited

Aushatha Canto

It will explain in detail about the important aspects as per the running dasas in your complete life

Dasa Puddhi Canto

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